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Morne Boshoff

Artificial Intelligent Checker Machine Forgets Humans are Deceptive and Cheat

Well it is official, the code for the game of checkers has been mathematically completed, now there is no way a human being can beat the machine unless it makes zero mistakes and starts first. Interestingly enough it has been a couple of decades almost since Big Blue produced the Chess Machine that beat a World Champion human being.

Other artificially intelligent machines have indeed been able to play tic-tac-toe flawlessly and do many other things such as run decision matrix systems for super computers. One thing that AI or Artificial Intelligence can not do yet is to determine when a human being will cheat and thus it does not understand that humans are deceptive in nature. Here is an excerpt from the New Scientist Magazine article on the subject:

A mathematical proof shows that checkers always results in a draw when neither player makes a mistake. For computer-game aficionados, the game is now "solved." The computer proof took Jonathan Schaeffer, a computer-games expert at the University of Alberta in Canada, 10 ^ 14 calculations over 18 years to complete and is one of the longest running.

Those who think that human intelligence will not be completely surpassed by artificial intelligence by 2012, is simply not watching the fast pace of the new innovations in this area of ​​science. The future is coming ready or not and a big part of that future will be human intelligence. Soon, governments, businesses and even world leaders will be using these tools to assist in decision making that affects all human life on the planet. Think on it, it is real.

Source by Lance Winslow

The Bariatric Patient and "Set Point"

New Bariatric patients often ask this basic question: "How do I determine my goal weight?"


Each person has his / her own "set point" that the body has programmed deep inside which lets the body know the amount of weight it wants to maintain. Basically, this "set point" was established near puberty; so based on if you were a slim or chubby child approaching puberty, this will determine what your set point "is.

Think back to when you were in your pre-teen years and then what type of body (slim or overweight) you had as you entered puberty. This will give you an idea of ​​what your body would be comfortable at weighing again …. Of course, you should add a few pounds because the matured adult body is different from the body at puberty. Take in consideration your level of activity as a child, your eating habits, etc. These are factors for why the matured adult body will not appear exactly as your body at puberty. For instance, at puberty, if you weighed 120 pounds, your matured adult body after weight loss may not return to 120 pounds, but rather may return to an adult body of 135 or 140 pounds. This is reasonable since you are not eating these days as you did as a child and you may not be as active as you were as a child … like playing on the playground everyday, walking or riding your bike everywhere, etc.

Some patients are actually able to go past their set point because as a matured adult, they are more active and eat healthier than they did as a child. The task of truly evaluating your young life's habits and routines will be the first step in understanding the number you want to expect on the scale once you are done losing your weight. Be realistic in this evaluation. There's no sense or happiness is setting a goal weight that your body just refuses to accept.

Take upon a personal assignment this week to fully consider what your goal weight "should" be, then add a few pounds to that number for reality-check.

Go through this list below and write down your answers. This will help you in your evaluation. All of these questions refer to YOU ​​as a pre-teen near puberty:

oDid you eat healthy snacks or eat a lot of junk food?

oDid you participate in sports, bike ride, swim, dance, or do other high-energy activities?

oDid you sleep-in a lot on school days off or in the summertime?

oWere you happy with life in general?

oDid you worry about weighing yourself often?

oWere you instructed to always finish your plate at mealtimes?

Now look at your answers you wrote down.

Are you surprised at your answers? Have you ever thought of these things being a part of who you are today?

Keep your answers and review them often and do this …

REPEAT the things in your life that brought you success in the past, and DO NOT DO the things on your list that you know could make you GAIN weight after you've lost your weight.

So, now that you have the image of your young life in your mind, reflect upon your habits and routines you had then, and incorporate the GOOD THINGS back into your life today. Skip the BAD THINGS you used to do because they certainly will not work for you as an adult.

In short, BE REALISTIC in determining what your goal weight should be in the end. Be kind to yourself and remember that if you end up being 20 pounds shy of your goal weight, YOU SHOULD REJOICE that you were able to achieve so much in the first place! It may take a long time to lose that final 20 pounds, so do not despair. Just stay focused and keep doing what works best for you.

Source by Meloney Hall

Web Design: The 10 Biggest Mistakes

There are plenty of mistakes in the world of web design. Let's look at what I believe to be the 10 biggest.

1. Too Many Ads.

When you're trying to make money from your website, it's all too easy to overwhelm your site with ads. Put yourself in your user's place and take a good hard look at your site and ask yourself if the ads feel intrusive. Does the site look like an information source or does it feel more like a page-holder for the ads?

2. Plugin Overload.

You have to keep plugin usage to a maximum of 1 type per page. If you've got Flash, then you can not have a media player, or if you're using Java, then no Flash. It's not as bad to use the same plugin twice, however.

3. Flash Intros.

Please, do not use a Flash intro on your website. They have been so overused that they're becoming universally mocked.

4. Unclear Layout and Navigation.

Many websites, especially business sites, suffer from some kind of disease where the very simplest task takes 10 steps. If users are asking you how to do things on your site, then you need to improve your layout and navigation. If there are certain tasks people want to do frequently, put them on the front page.

5. No Marking for External Links.

There are 2 kinds of links: internal (to other parts of your website) and external (to other websites). For the benefit of your users, it's best if you mark external links, either by making them a different color or using some kind of a symbol (a box with an arrow is the usual one). It's also good to make the external links open in new windows, so people are not leaving your site altogether when they click them.

6. Unclear Linking.

Some web pages are designed to show links only when people put their mouse over them. While this might make the design look nicer, it is not very user friendly. Instead, use a clearly contrasting color for links, and preferably underline them. This makes them more visible to the user, thus more user friendly.

7. Unlabelled Email Links.

Always clearly mark a link that will send email (a mailto link) with the word 'email'. If you turn clicking a name into send email, you'll annoy users who expected to find out more about the person.

8. Broken Links.

You should check your links regularly to make sure that they all still work. There's nothing worse than finding a site that looks useful, only to find that it has not been updated in years, so most of the links do not work. While a website does mostly run itself after a while, that does not mean that you should neglect essential maintenance.

9. Strange Fonts.

Stick to the most common web fonts: that's pretty much just Arial, Georgia, Tahoma and Verdana. If you use more obscure fonts, then most users will not have them – and those that do will find your text hard to read. The only place for non-standard fonts is in your logo or headings, and then only if they are displayed as an image.

10. Badly-sized Text.

It's important to keep your text around the standard size. Making text too big or too small makes it hard to read and annoying for many users. The best thing you can do is use relative text sizing (not pixels) that allows the browser to respect the user's preferred text size. You should also consider offering buttons on your site to decrease or increase the font size.

Source by Ron King

Needless HIGH RISK Exposure For Business Using Computer Phones

The Facts

o Computer phones (VoIP) offer the most optimal means of communicating when considering quality and cost, and can save businesses up to 80% on their phone bills when calling from PC to PC, to landlines, or to mobile phones, regardless of company size .

o Over 90% of all VoIP solutions providers operate on unsecure lines or platforms, whether free or charging for services.

o Greater than 95% of all VoIP solutions providers do not have their own patented technology

General Information

o Calls placed on unsecure lines travel from one computer (IP address) over the internet to another computer (IP address) have little or no protection in between calls to guard against terminal viruses, Trojan horses, unscrupulous hackers, or uninvited guests listening in on private conversations.

These unsecure lines leave users dangerously vulnerable to the inevitable and expensive computer crash that forebodingly looms over the horizon.

o Calls placed on secure lines go through a VoIP platform (server) that incorporates its own security (including patented technology) against the ills of unsecure lines, thereby offering maximum security, privacy, and peace of mind for its users.

o Note: higher enrollment and monthly fees, or well known phone companies now offering VoIP services do not necessarily automatically guarantee security.


o Contact your VoIP solutions provider (if applicable) and request written information regarding security of their service, along with patented technology they own. Ask if their service hosts embedded spyware on lines and / or allows public access to names and numbers of subscribers.

If the requested assurances can not be produced, take immediate action to avoid playing Russian Roulette with your business.

o Protect the security of your company's communications and privacy, while simultaneously experiencing exponential savings on phone bills, by locating and subscribing to a VoIP solutions provider who offers a secure platform that incorporates its own patented technology.

Analyze your computer o's security for <br> free by vBulletin® going to Http://

Source by Dee Scrip

Simple Solution for Php Includes – IFrames

I have recently created my first Php program. I wanted to share with others some of the problems that I encountered, and how I finally overcame these obstacles.

My Reason for needing a Php Include

To start, my most recent website features a free classified advertising solution, a modified version of PhpBB stripped to function as an Article Bulletin Board (No replying), and a link directory. The business model of my Website offers free Classified Advertising, but charges a small fee for enhanced advertisements (Featured, Bolded, and Better Placement). The Classifieds were purchased from a developer, so I had little experience with the application. The link directory was a free resource of an old program that I modernized a bit. I choose the old link directory because the links are clean. They are not replaced with coding to count outbound traffic. I figured this would increase the value of links, to sites who exchanged links with me.

To increase revenue on the new site, I realized that I needed to increase the value of, "Featured Advertisements". To do this I wanted to randomly rotate featured advertisements, from the classifieds, across my Bulletin Board and Link Directory. Bare in mind, all three are run from a unique table, and I wanted to leave it that way. In addition, I had little experience with the development for all three applications.

I started reading tutorials and utilizing Forums to create a Php program for external pages on the site. The program would pull a random featured ad from the classified table. This program only took me about 32 hours to create, while performing research. I did not intend to get into the schematics of the program with this post, so forgive me if you are looking for a Random generator. But I would be more than happy to share my code upon request.

The code I created was simple, it worked just the way I wanted, but I ran into one cumbersome obstacle; how do I implement this easily across two unique table driven applications? The answer was to use a Php Include

I started reading tutorials on, "Php includes and functions and classes". I realized quickly that this was a bit more confusing than creating the actual coding. In addition, I ran into parsing errors if I included the new coding in only one application.

My solution to using the, "Include ()," Php function

I found that very few people were willing to provide any feedback for such a problem, even in the most resourceful forums for Php Coding and information resources. I fumbled with the coding for over 72 hours. I thought this was a bit ridiculous, as the code itself took less time to create.

I finally came across a helpful solution that may prove beneficial, if you are in the same situation with Php Includes. The code was uploaded onto my server as a file (something.php). I removed the standard, "Php Include ()," function from all links and the PhpBB coding. I then called the Php file (page) using an Iframe tag, on pages I wanted it to appear. This proved to be a successful replacement for the Php Include.

Search Engine Results Using Iframe for Php Include

I waited until Google came around to see how the Iframe affected my sites search rankings. Finally, the other day this happened. The conclusion, my search rankings still increased due to recent link exchanges. The code is working to my needs, and it is easily included on any page that I want, even externals outside my site can call on the code, which opens more doors for advancement.

Here is the simple Iframe code I used to replace the Php Include:

iframe align = top valign = right width = 600 height = 105 marginwidth = 0 marginheight = 0 hspace = 0 vspace = 0 frameborder = 0 scrolling = no src = "" width = 600 height = 105> / iframe

Using the Iframe tag for Php Include Conclusion

I have encountered no problems with including my PHP code on pages across external servers, using the iframe as a Php Include. As you can see, it is totally customizable. You can specify the width, height, alignment, border, scrolling, margins and more. The only obstacle that I have encountered, is the style sheet that the site, or page, with the, "Php Include," is not utilized. The page that the code is on seems to need its own unique style sheet.

I hope this proves beneficial to anyone having trouble with running a "Php Include" across various unique online applications.

Source by Michael J Medeiros

Affiliate Marketing Tips – Benefits And Secrets Of Being Affiliate Marketers

Affiliate marketing tips. That the most of affiliate marketers searching when entering this online business. By reference to the tips that available in internet, the affiliate marketer can improve their marketing skills and also improves their online business.

There a lot of benefits of being the online affiliate marketer and here I will describe why the affiliate marketing is the best business to start off. Many of the people enter the affiliate marketing because it easy and profitable and still can earn the money while you are at home or sleeping. With the affiliate marketing you will not worry about the production cots and stocks. The cost involve is only for maintaining the website and a bit for advertisement.

This online business is also easy to joint and normally it is all free to joint. To success in this business you will not required the selling experience. What you need is all about the presell the merchant's product and sending the visitors to the merchant's page. The selling will be taken care for you. The other benefits for this affiliate marketing business are you can earn the money with the least of cost and can operate anywhere in the world including your house. You would not have to work so hard for it everyday. You can choose your comfort time and place you like.

To joint affiliate marketing business does not cost you anything and you will not limited to the number of affiliate program you can joint. For affiliate marketing the commissions can be quite lucrative and profitable because most of the merchant offer such as high commissions for the sales generated.

There are the secrets to success in this online business. This secrets always been told by the affiliate gurus or experts but here I will spell out some secrets to guide the newbie to start with the affiliate business. The most important thing before starting the affiliate marketing business is choosing the right affiliate program. What does it means by the right affiliate program are by considering the products that affiliate merchant offering. You would not want to promote the low quality product to your customers and also you need to consider the markets for those particular products. The credible and reliable of the affiliate program also is the key for the success of your business.

Market research is a vital to the affiliate marketing business. By conducting the market research you will know the target market, buyer and optimize you advertisement cost. Affiliate marketing business is a two way communication and need the personal touch for the ads. Threats the customer like a friend and guide them with the useful information and tips so that they will have the trust to you and easy to accept what ever you are promoted.

This online business is a most profitable business in the internet today. I hope this article will give some over view about starting the online business with affiliate marketing. If your are the affiliate marketers and using an AdWords to promote you affiliate products but still struggle to getting higher CTR, please feel free to visit [] to download free "Google AdWords Power Tip" eBook and others freebies.

Source by Mohd Sharulnazeri Bin Mohd Ali

Hey Cient, this is Me! Find Your Writing Voice and Sell Yourself

In a crowded market, clients will be seeking personality as they read what you've written – they'll click right past pages that feel "been there, read that." They're looking for a voice that says, "Hey, client, this is me!"

They want to know not just what you deliver – but how. Will you be funny or serious? A perky cheerleader or a sardonic commentator? Will your view of life be based on "believe and it happens" or "what you see is what you get?"

Here are some tips to add your own voice to your writing.

1. Write from the heart.

Too excited, passionate or angry to sit still? Best time to connect with your voice. Grab a pencil and scribble ideas as you jump around the room.

2. Say something new.

After forty articles on time management, your readers know about cutting projects into manageable chunks and setting priorities. Ho hum. Try "better than zero" or "turn your life into a time warp."

3. Tape yourself talking to a good friend about a product.

Do your words sound different when you speak than when you write? Transcribe the tape into an article for easy reading.

4. Picture your ideal client (you do have one, do not you?). Imagine that she is gushing about your service to a friend – highly recommending you. What words does she use to describe your services? What emotions come through?

5. Cut. Then cut again.

When you have to trim your piece to meet a word count requirement, notice that you're left with the most essential words – all yours.

6. Write fast. Get the words down before your inner critic has a chance to participate. Edit later.

7. Reveal yourself: family, mistakes, secret dreams. When you feel just a bit embarrassed, or feel your private persona has become more public, you've probably just touched your audience's heart.

8. Be concrete – not abstract.
As writing guru Natalie Goldberg would say, "It's a geranium, not a flower."

9. If you've had voice training, be especially alert to creating the bland and the blah.

Julia Roberts could hold an audience while she reads the telephone directory. Your copy has to stand alone, without dramatic oratory.

10. Do not be afraid to break the rules: use slang and contractions. And it's okay to begin a sentence with "and" or "but."

Just tread carefully on the rules of grammar and spelling. "Your about to head off for you're great adventure" can be a credibility-buster.

Source by Cathy Goodwin

Important Unix Commands That You Should Know

Unix is ​​one of the most important operating system today. Its powerful features, scalability, strong security, and support for multiple users have made it the top choice operating systems for server, workstations and mainframes.

It is good to have some knowledge of Unix commands especially if your web host is Unix / Linux based. You could do a lot of things by yourself by logging into the server via Secure Shell (SSH). This article will describe some of the important "need to know" Unix commands.

1. ls

This command will show you what files are in your current directory. If you add in a -F option, ie "ls -F xxx", there will be a "/" appended to the end of directory names, * to executables and @ to links. "Ls -a xxx" will display all hidden files as well. This is also the most used command.

2. cd

Change directory. If you type "cd xx", it means to change to the specified directory "xx". "Cd ~" means to change to your default home directory.

3. cp "ab"

Copy file a to b. If b is a directory, the new file will be named b / a.

4. mv "ab"

Move files from a to b. For example, if I type "mv songs.txt / tmp", the file songs.txt will be moved to /tmp/songs.txt. Moving a file is the same as renaming a file.

5. echo "text"

Print "text" to the terminal. If "text" is surrounded by double quotes, the text will be printed with any environment variables such as $ HOME. If "text" is surrounded by single quotes, the "text" is printed without any special processing.

6. pwd

Print the current working directory. Useful command when you are lost in the directories.

7. cat "file"

Print the contents of the specified file (s) to the terminal.

8. less "file"

Display the specified file one screen at a time. Press the spacebar to go to the next screen. Press Q to quit. You often combine "less" with some other commands such as "cat abc | less". This command means you print the contents of the file abc and display it one page at a time.

9. ps

Display information about your running programs. This is a good command to use if your server is slow and you suspect that some applications are taking too much memory. The most famous command using ps is "ps aux". This will display useful information on the running programs.

10. rm

Remove or delete a file. If you type "rm -r directory", it will remove a directory and all the files underneath it recursively.

11. man

This is the most important command. man means "manual". If you are stuck with cat command for example, type "man cat" and you can see the help file.

Source by Bernard Peh

Samsung Car Charger – Simply The Best

The utility of a mobile charger can not be undermined. Mobile looses all its relevance in its absence. After all, what can be the utility of a mobile without a charged up battery. Even the sleekest of all mobiles with all the astonishing features is reduced to a mere stone if it is not charged. It is here that the value of a mobile charger is best understood. It charges the mobile and makes it fit for use.

Even more important is its car version. It is not difficult to ascertain why. People, after all are so busy these days that they mostly forget to charge their mobiles and are reminded about the goof-up when they are in their car trying to call someone. It is here that car mobile chargers come into play as they ensure that mobiles are charged in cars as well.

The importance of car chargers can be understood from the fact that the UK market is flooded with different mobile car chargers by different companies. It goes on to show how important car chargers are and how people should recognise their importance. What, however should not be forgotten is the fact that though the market is overflowing with car chargers, when it comes to quality then there is no denying the fact that one car charger that simply outshines as one of the best is that by Samsung.

There are various reasons that go a long way in making Samsung such a popular name in the field of mobile car chargers. First of all, it is very effective and can be used with minimum fuss. Secondly, Samsung is a cheap car charger, which ensures that people can buy a quality product without spending lot of money on it.

In short, it can be summed up that it is the effectiveness and the cost efficiency of the Samsung car chargers that has made it the most sought after car chargers in the UK.

Source by Lilly Sienna

Thou Shall Not Burnout

Unfortunately for most educators, burnout is cruel reality. From heavy course loads large class sizes, burnout seems to be an inevitable occurrence in our lives. However, Kent Crockett, author of "The 911 Handbook" offers the following advice and steps for effectively dealing with burnout, from a biblical perspective. I would suggest that you apply these principles to your life in order to "keep the fire burning."

"And let us not lose heart in doing good, for in due time we shall reap if we do not grow weary." (Galatians 6: 9)

Whether we've been planting educational seeds for an entire semester or for a year or more, we must not succumb to burnout. According to Crockett, "When we quit, we forfeit the harvest." He continues, The harvest comes at the end of the season, but if we quit before then, all the work we have done will have been in vain. "How would you feel knowing that all of the time you've invested in a student was for nothing? Well, it will not have to be if you can prevent yourself from burning out.

How to Prevent Burn-Out

Rest from our labor (even God took one day off)

Reduce your workload.

I know it's a lot harder than it sounds, but God does not expect us to do everything (even if administrators and parents do), just the things he has planned for us. That's why we need to re-evaluate everything we are doing. We must ask God what we need to let go of (can you think of anything?) And what he wants us to continue doing.

Regulate your schedule.

The secret to enduring the race of life is to regulate our schedule by living just one day at a time. How will you ever be able to master your future if you're failing at mastering today? No one ever sprinted to win a marathon, and neither can you.

Refuel your spirit.

Usually when a person burns out, he or she has been trying to live life by his or her own strength, rather than by the God's. Quit trying to do it with you own power and strength. Ask God to fill you with his.

Renew your vision.

"Where there is no vision, the people perish." (Prov. 29:18 KJV) When you renew your vision, you will be motivated out of inspiration rather than out of desperation. People without vision will drop out of the race, but people with it will finish victoriously.

Source by Joe Martin

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