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Anti-Corporate, Anti-Globalist and Anti-Capitalism Conspiracy Theorists Abound

Many conspiracy theorists have joined the likes of arsonist eco-terrorists and Green Peace anti-Globalist groups in a march against multi-national Corporations. But why you ask? After all; nearly all of these corporations bring human consumers what they desire. Why is that bad? Do the conspiracy theorists and anti-globalists want to cause a power vacuum in financial markets and then what? Are they anarchists too? Do they think they can do better? How so? Where is their plan? I would like to ask them a question?

Who do you think built all this, had the vision and stuck with it on a multi-generational plan? Hmm? You want to take down corporations who provide everything you see, everywhere you go. These corporations you list supply jobs, products and services to the whole world. But since you are talking out of your other end, I guess you did not think the whole thing through yet? Still these conspiracy theorists go on and demand the political leadership and the corporate power base be culled and state such things as;

"Removal from power, indictment for crimes and what ever it might take short of armed rebellion to ensure their power is negated."

Yah but event the two-bit Castro had a plan after he stole his country, murdered and imprisoned business owners, and set up his dictatorship? Give your conspiracy a rest and think through what you are saying, it makes no sense whatsoever. Consider this in 2006.

Source by Lance Winslow

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