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How to find your targeted market on pinterest

Pinterest is a social bulletin board’, which focuses on the sharing of visual content such as videos and images, to appeal to like-minded people. As a business, you can use Pinterest to share images and videos of your products and services to create brand awareness and increase traffic to your website.

Although Pinterest is relatively new in the world of social media, it is emerging as the leading visual content social network site. Visual content is becoming the most popular type of content as images and videos are easy to consume and engage the viewer, which make them a powerful tool to increase brand awareness. Zabisco reported that 40% of people respond better to visual information than plain text.

40% of people respond better to visual information than plain text. The way most content is viewed on Pinterest is through repinning’ (sharing) content, which has been pinned’ (posted) by another user, which can then be liked by users. This sharing of content therefore increases reach and provides direct links back to your website, which generates a significant amount of traffic and generates leads.

Content sharing tool Shareaholic claims that Pinterest recently generated even more referral traffic than Google.
Pinterest encourages social sharing and interaction with other social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook to increase your reach within other channels, spreading your brands message further. Make sure that the content you post is also included on your website as this creates a direct link back from Pinterest to your website.

Pinterest users can be specifically categorised by demographics and psychographics, which gives business’s fantastic insight into the lifestyles of your target audience. Investigate your target audience by visiting their profiles to see what content they post and what interests them. This means your marketing can be tailored specifically to appeal to your predetermined target audience. When targeting your marketing strategy bear in mind that Pinterest is particularly popular with the tech and media savvy under 30’s.

Some of Pinterest’s functions

Directly post images and videos of the products and services you are selling to link back to your website to purchase.

– Share detailed Infographics, which are not easily shared by Facebook due to the images dimensions. There are boards on Pinterest, which are dedicated entirely to infographics.
– Post videos of products and services to be viewed uninterrupted without navigating away from Pinterest.
Videos can be paused and played at the user’s convenience on Pinterest, unlike when viewing in Facebook who redirects you to YouTube.

A ‘Wishlist’ facility encourages users to add ‘Pins’ into a list, which they intend to purchase.

It is important for businesses to experiment and use analytical tools to find out what visual content generates the most traffic to your website in order to successfully increase leads and gain new customers.

When including Pinterest in your marketing mix, ensure to make your message appealing to capture the interest of users. Attractive or humorous images tend to get the best result by grabbing the user’s attention and increasing the likelihood of them ‘repining’ your content to share with others.

As a business, you need to make sure you create a balance between ‘pinning’ your own original content and ‘repining’ other users content. You need to build an audience interested in what you have to offer as opposed to content, which can be found elsewhere. When posting on Pinterest, or any other social media site, remember that there is a fine line between sharing interesting and quality content and bombarding users with advertising. Quality always wins out over quantity with social media. It is also very important to apply the best Search Engine Optimization by using relevant keywords with every picture and video.

Pinterest has proved to be a powerful marketing tool with a great conversion rate driving sales directly to your website. According to ComScore and Nielsen, 21% of people with Pinterest accounts made a purchase having seen an item on the site. Pinterest provides a direct call-to-action leading to conversions s it targets users ready to buy.

If your business is looking to increase brand awareness and traffic to your website, Pinterest is a great way to start! Take Action NOW to increase traffic and drive sales by setting up Pinterest for your business. If you are seeking quality internet marketing service, always go for the reputed ones. You need to research a bit on the service provider and check whether they have a decent reputation in the market. So, now that all’s said and done, which social media would you prefer for your business – Pinterest or Instagram?

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