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5 clever ways to market your products on pinterest

If you are into Internet marketing, Pinterest might be something you’re looking for. The best ways to share information online is through social media. By using Pinterest, and it’s clever “pinning” technique, you can share information on this bulletin board with many other people.

It is so easy to share information on this bulletin board with your followers, like Twitter and Facebook. Blogging was done years ago by sharing links – this is very similar to what happens here. If one want to market your products, since this is relatively unknown, it can be great for your IM needs. This imply that you can get in while the getting is good! You can use this platform in many ways – here are a few tips.

Some use Pinterest as a tool for their own market research to check into what colors people are drawn to and what products have been re-pinned. The information is a rich asset to a business as it leads the way to inspire additional product development. The diligent business owner can keep track of interests by seeing how many of their ‘pins’ are ‘repinned’ by other users. This can help in three ways:

1. Determining interests
2. Assessing Marketability
3. Determining popularity

Pinterest will work for your business is your content is shared quickly and frequently.

Pinterest will help in a moving a consumer from browser to purchaser.

Now, after that primer, here are the top 10 methods to promote your business on Pinterest.

1. Connect to Social Media

As Pinterest fast becomes a heavy marketing tool you’ll want to begin your account and connect it with your Twitter and Facebook accounts. It will assist you get followers as well as the greater fact that making these connections adds the social media icons under your business‘ profile pic that link back to your Twitter and Facebook profiles.

2. Creative Board Names

Come up with interesting and creative board names.

3. Play Tag

Marking other Pinterest users inside your pins by using ‘@username’ inside your descriptions. Using this kind of feature, network with different professionals and vendors inside your field. The reason why this is number 3 is really because not many individuals are doing this yet along with your business will discover that it’s a great way to create your following and stand out.

4. Comment Often

Yet another top and innovative method of using Pinterest has recently surfaced: It’s a simple concept: Comment on other people’s pins and do it regularly. And remember the same good manners and common sense approach you use when commenting on the blog or other social media site. And go right ahead and ‘like’ other people’s pins, giving them a thumbs up when you want to give your recognition to great content you see on Pinterest.

5. Videos

That is biggie on Pinterest as far as promotion goes. Pinterest has a section for pinned-videos, and there are fewer videos than images on Pinterest at this point, and it will distinguish your identity.

6. Seasonal Boards

Do what users love. Here is another great promotional tool for Pinterest: Examples include New Year’s Resolutions & Fourth of July.

7. Follow Me Buttons

Add the fanfare and surefire great method of putting a ‘Follow Me on Pinterest‘ button to the website to promote that you’re a pinner.

The irony is not lost in that pinner rhymes with winner.

8. Strategize

Pin strategically by maintaining your objectives. Ask yourself important business questions (maybe in a conference mode with your team ” maybe not, as fits your prerogative): Are you trying to boost brand awareness? Are you trying to increase sales? Do you want to expand customer engagement?

By thoughtful answers you will be more apt to pick images and offers accordingly.

Accurately pinning your market is what Pinterest is about.

9. Social Media Tools

By using social media tools. Without them it is improbable that you can keep up with all the different social networks there are to use to make sure your business gets noticed.

Check out these Pinterest tools:

Pinstamatic: Makes your boards more fun and exciting. And business need not be stodgy or humorless; as a matter of fact, it is a definite plus in many cases, (though not all)

Piqora: a great tool for including analytics and pin scheduling.

Pinpuff: Used for calculating your influence on Pinterest.

Repinly: Repinly, when checked regularly, keeps you up to date with the most popular pins and boards.

10. Get in on what’s good

Improve what can be done with your pinning via Pinterest Goodies. Start by getting the Pin it bookmarklet. You will then be enabled to pin any image or video that you like on the web.

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